Legendary Creature

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Legendary Creature

A Legendary Creature, also known as a "World Boss", "Field Boss", or "Dynaboss", is a larger, nastier version of an existing creature with a lot stronger attack and a lot more Hit Points.

Defeating Legendary Creatures[edit | edit source]

Battling such creatures can be a time consuming affair, so ensure your weapons are repaired and you have some form of healing consumables with you. It is also recommended to only tackle these creatures as part of a group of players.

Some Legendary Creatures are significantly more challenging than others. The White Tiger is generally considered to be the easiest, due to it's lack of resistance to knockback, meaning that it never gets to attack if you keep hitting it.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Once defeated Legendary Creatures give significant experience and when harvested, they drop more resources and have a 50% chance of dropping a Icon chest key.png Skeleton Key.

Nearby to each Legendary Creature there is usually a Icon chest.png Legendary Chest that can be unlocked to obtain a Legendary Weapon.

List of Legendary Creatures[edit | edit source]