Light Turban

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Light Turban
Light Turban
Level 8 Cost 2
Icon apprentice crafter.png Icon armormaking bench.png Icon Blank.png
Icon light exile cap.png Light Turban
A simple turban of hide and fiber.
Crafted at Armorer's Bench
Light Turban
Light Turban
A simple turban of hide and fiber
Type Armor
Grade Low
Durability 90
Armor 5
Poise 2
Weight 2.10
ID 52001

Light Turban is one of the Recipes and one of the Armor items in Conan Exiles.

Info[edit | edit source]

Crafting a Light Turban requires:

Description[edit | edit source]

In the Exiled Lands, the fierce sun beating down on the unprotected head can cause extreme delirium in a short amount of time.
Apart from protection from the sun, this turban offers a small amount of protection from attacks on the head. Light armor provides the most flexibility and range of movement in combat, but at the cost of significant protection in battle.
Created from basic materials available in the Exiled Lands, this armor bears no cultural markings or identifiers of any type.

Media[edit | edit source]