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A club that refuses to kill
Type Weapon
Grade Legendary
Weapon Type OneHanded Mace
Damage 1
Light Concussive Damage 15
Heavy Concussive Damage 20
Durability 3300
Weight 4.55
Effects Shieldsmash
ID 51547


This crude club once belonged to Sergius of Khrosha who, before he became a captain, was the first-mate of a ship called The Beast. Sergius had one job when the ship was in port - to waylay drunken soldiers and drag them back to The Beast.

For that purpose, he used the club he knew affectionately as Lovetap.

Perhaps it was some combination of materials, or perhaps it was some bizarre sorcerous trait, but either way, the club became extremely good at knocking people out - but it would not damage them beyond that.

Eventually, Sergius lost the club in a gambling den, and Lovetap dropped out of sight and mind.

This club deals only concussion damage to enemies.


  • Lovetap sunders with light and heavy attacks.


The Lovetap can be found in   Legendary Chests.

All Concussive Weapons and KitsEdit

Weapons and Kits
Name Grade Light Hit Heavy Hit Level
  Truncheon Low 15 20 10
  Blunted Javelin Low 45 45 21
  Iron Truncheon Mid 25 30 30
  Blunted Arrow Low 55 55 35
  Steel Truncheon High 35 40 50
  Reinforced Steel Truncheon High 40 45 Found
  Coup de Grace Legendary 40 45 Found
  Szeth's Truncheon Legendary 45 50 Found
  Lovetap Legendary 15 20 Found
  Simple Blunted Weapon Fitting Low +4 +4 26
  Blunted Weapon Fitting Mid +8 +8 39
  Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting High +12 +12 51

*   Lovetap is the only truncheon that can be used from horseback.


This item can be repaired with a   Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.