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A map showing the ancient kingdom of the Giant-kings
Type BuildingItem
Health 150000
Weight 100.00
ID 90000

Level 62 Cost 0
Icon map room.png Map-Room
A map showing the ancient kingdom of the Giant-kings
Hand crafted
Icon corrupted stone.png Corrupted Stone
A chunk of stone pulsing with corruption
Crafted at Firebowl Cauldron

Description[edit | edit source]

This room is a copy of the maproom that exists beneath the Unnamed City. In times past, the Giant-kings used sorcery to quickly move their slaves around their kingdom, attuning their bracelets to different areas and then using the map room to get there.

While the terrain is slightly different, owing to the eons that have passed since the creation of the original map, this map room still retains the ability to quickly send anybody with a bracelet to one of the attuned obelisks.

It is speculated that in the dim past, the obelisks served as a form of permission for slaves - the more trusted the slave, the more access to obelisks. Now, it is simply a matter of finding them, wherever they are.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You learn the Cartographer feat from The Archivist in The Archives at The Unnamed City.
  • After being placed, the Map Room can be returned to your inventory.
  • Placing the Map Room can be tricky because of its size. It may help to try to get a little elevation so that you are looking down at a steeper angle.
    • Placing inside a room (on either foundation or ceiling tiles) is possible, but (currently) is oddly affected by the ceiling. For example, an 8x8 room bounded by a single row of walls will work, but adding (e.g.) Thatch Sloped Roofs to the walls will block placement. After placing the Map Room, though, you can add the roof tiles just fine.
  • To close a map room or build some roof above it, may this guide can help you out. How to close a map room
  • If you want to add a flat ceiling above it, the walls must be at least 2 walls high (in the center of the room, at least). It may be easier to build the walls of your room after placing the Map Room down first.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
200 Icon corrupted stone.png Corrupted Stone
35 Icon ingredient iron reinforcement.png Iron Reinforcement
75 Icon alchemical base.png Alchemical Base
50 Icon crystal.png Crystal
1 Icon map room.png Map-Room 2 min 2970

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Map-Room requires up to:

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