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Modding/Useful links
Levels: Modding
Author: Robtheswede
See also: Guide, Useful links.

A list of useful links for modding related guides and useful links.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Community members have set up a modding discord. Please read the rules when you join!

This is a link to all guides maintained by Robtheswede (DevKit developer).
Most of these are not yet documented on the wiki, but are listed on Guide#Modding. Feel free to contribute them!
This is an alternative launcher. Primary methods are described on Modding.

Unreal Engine[edit | edit source]

Tools[edit | edit source]

CETagUpdator interface
Can be used to update steam tags.
If you want to use high IDs (this must be number) for hair and colors, you can use this or mod the character creation.
The character creation seems to count the number of rows in the datatable and use an ID incremented from 0 to that number. This needs to be changed to read the real available IDs.
The sources (GitHub) use an Apache license and can be used as long as you mention the original work, the author and agree that your use of the sources is your sole responsibility.

Guides[edit | edit source]

Main article: Guide#Modding

Death2Mongo (DeadlyMidnight)[edit | edit source]

Pulled from this playlist.

HellsSauna (Hellsbreath)[edit | edit source]

Pulled from this playlist.

Tips n' Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • You can use the console command SetServerSetting LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld 0 to start from wherever you do "play from here" (in case you always start in the last-logout place when running the game from the editor)
  • DLC Item-Ranges
An extensive list of DLC item ID ranges. These are not available in the DevKit.