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Type NPC
Temperament Passive
Disambig.png This article is about non-player characters. For the player, see Character.

Description[edit | edit source]

NPC is the abbreviation for non-player character. NPCs are often quest and story related and can not be knocked out to get captured by the player.

Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name / Console ID Specialization Faction Race Gender Location Hitpoints
Arcos the Wanderer
ID: Dialogue_Arcos_the_Wanderer
Fighter Exiles unknown Male The Sentinels 480
Bandit Chief Sennu
ID: Sennu_Wolves_Sennu
Fighter Sennu's Wolves unknown Male unknown 60
ID: Dialogue_Braga
Fighter Forgotten Tribe Cimmerian Male Mounds of the Dead 840
Brandt of Zingara
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss8
Fighter Relic Hunters Zingaran Female The Unnamed City 13500
Child of Jhebbal Sag
ID: Dialogue_Child_of_Jhebbal_Sag
Fighter Child of Jhebbal Sag Werehyena Male Southwest of The Den 60
ID: Dialogue_Conan
Fighter Relic Hunters Cimmerian Male Sepermeru, Waterside 1485
Enia the Searcher
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss2
Fighter Relic Hunters Stygian Female The Unnamed City 13500
Gilzan the Treasure Hunter
ID: Dialogue_Gilzan_the_Treasure_Hunter
Fighter Relic Hunters unknown Male Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters 480
Hat'She the Mad
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss6
Fighter Relic Hunters Stygian Female The Unnamed City 13500
Jamila the Pirate Queen
ID: Dialogue_Jamila_the_Pirate_Queen
Fighter Black Hand unknown Female Pariah's Overwatch 480
ID: Dialogue_Mek-kamoses
Priest Set Black Ring Stygian Male Mek-kamoses's Spire 60
Moras of the Sands
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss5
Fighter Relic Hunters Stygian Male The Unnamed City 13500
ID: Dialogue_Mountaineer
Fighter unknown unknown Male Fingerfang Rock 840
Muriela the Artisan
ID: Dialogue_Muriela_the_Artisan
Priest Mitra Darfari Cannibals Darfari Female Muriela's Hope 60
ID: Dialogue_Vulture
Fighter unknown unknown Male unknown 60
Ness of Shem
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss4
Fighter Relic Hunters Shemite Female The Unnamed City 13500
Nunu the Cannibal
ID: Dialogue_Nunu_the_Cannibal
Priest Yog Darfari Cannibals Darfari Male Shaman's Rise 60
Obsun of Hyrkania
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss3
Fighter Relic Hunters Hyrkanian Male The Unnamed City 13500
Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac
ID: Dialogue_Petruso_the_Sandstorm_Maniac
Fighter Lemurians Lemurian Male Sandswept Ruins 480
Razma of Shem
ID: Dialogue_Razma
Fighter Relic Hunters Shemite Female Sepermeru, Southlake 1485
Samar the Blade
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss1
Fighter Relic Hunters unknown Male The Unnamed City 13500
Seeker Ophelia
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss7
Fighter Relic Hunters unknown Male The Unnamed City 13500
Sennu's Wolves Archer
ID: Sennu_Wolves_Archer
Archer Sennu's Wolves unknown Random unknown 60
Sennu's Wolves Fighter
ID: Sennu_Wolves_Fighter
Fighter Sennu's Wolves unknown Random unknown 60
The Archivist
ID: Dialogue_The_Archivist
Cartographer Giant-kings Giant-kings Male The Archives 60
The Outcast
ID: Dialogue_Outcast
Priest Ymir Frost Giants Frost Giants Male The Outcast Camp 60
The Priestking
Ritualist Giant-kings Giant-kings Male The Barrow King
Vathis the Hierophant
ID: Votaries_Of_Skelos_Sorcerer_Master_Darfari
Fighter Votaries of Skelos Darfari Male Shrine of the Oracle 6750
Warmaker Klael
ID: Dialogue_Warmaker_Klael
Warmaker Giant-kings Giant-kings Male Citadel of the Triumvirate 60
Yakira, Priestess of Derketo
ID: Dialogue_Yakira
Priest Derketo Lemurians Lemurian Female Pagoda of Boundless Lusts