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The various recipes in Conan Exiles. Each recipe has a knowledge point cost as well as a certain level you must before unlocking, however as you begin your journey you start off with 2 (or 3, depending on your Religion choice) already unlocked. Additionally most of the recipes have a pre-requirement needed to unlock, so unlocking recipes such as Mercenary or Archer, you'll need to have already unlocked the Apprentice Craftsman, before you can move along in your knowledge of the higher level recipes. As you get into later levels you'll find that most of the recipes require up to 3 different pre-requirements, so be sure to save up your Knowledge Points if there's something you really wish to unlock.

Note: You may reset your spent knowledge points with a Yellow Lotus Potion.

Knowledge points[edit | edit source]

As a player levels up, they acquire knowledge points. These points are spent to unlock new recipes.

List of recipes[edit | edit source]

The Dregs[edit | edit source]