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T BuffIconRegeneration T1.png Regeneration is a "heal over time" game mechanic in Conan Exiles. Rather than all health being added at once, a smaller amount of health is granted per tick until the effect wears off. If the Character takes damage before the effect expires, the regeneration stops.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Different types of Regeneration can stack with each other.

  • Food of different types will regen more or less (e.g. Bugs will heal less than exotic fish and so on). Food cannot stack more than one regeneration effect at a time with just food
  • Bandages will remove Bleeding effects instantly upon use, apply Crippled, and heal over 5 seconds. The healing effect will cease if you move too far or equip any weapon/tools.
  • Potions heal an variable amount depending on your current maximum health (see below).
  • The Lifeblood Spear starts healing when it is drawn. The Spear and Bandages cannot stack because the spear must be wielded to regenerate and the bandages require that it not be.

Potion Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Unlike most healing items, potions do not heal a set amount of health, rather they heal ever greater amounts the higher your maximum health is.

The following table shows the healing provided by Icon aloe extract.png Aloe Extract and Icon ambrosia.png Ambrosia. Icon free movement potion.png Elixir of Freedom, Icon golden lotus potion.png Golden Lotus Potion, and Icon hunters potion.png Hunter's Potion have half the regeneration duration, so heal half as much.

Note that at 40 Vitality the Receptive perk is activated doubling the healing effect of consumables.

Vitality Points Health Healing Amount
0 200 60
5 240 80
13 304 100
21 368 120
29 432 140
36 488 160
40 528 320
44 552 360
50 600 360
51 608 400
59 672 440
67 736 480