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All Relic Fragment locations in the Unnamed City.

Relic Fragments are small chests that can be found hidden around the Unnamed City, each having a 50% chance to spawn. Interacting with the chest will cause it to disappear and place a Fragment of Power into your inventory.

# Relic Fragment Coordinates Acquisition
Relic 01.png
TeleportPlayer -134929 109195 -2115 Found on a ledge about halfway up the northwest side of The Archives' structure. Accessible only by climbing.
Relic 15.png
TeleportPlayer -115191 111341 -8517 Found on the structure east of entrance to The Archives, in an alcove to the right of the four-armed statue. Accessible only by climbing.
Relic 02.png
TeleportPlayer -133400 116854 -9040 Found on a raised walkway overlooking the obelisk near some Skeletal Serpentmen.
Relic 03.png
TeleportPlayer -160339 124440 -5999 Found on top of a tall pillar, only accessible by climbing.
Relic 04.png
TeleportPlayer -133077 124969 -14241 Found at the base of a large tower, between the tower and a high wall.
Relic 05.png
TeleportPlayer -145598 125499 -9241 Found at the top of one of two towers on either side of a staircase, only accessible by climbing.
Relic 06.png
TeleportPlayer -165851 126398 -10140 Found on a shelf on the side of a corner tower of a high walkway. One can easily climb up to the walkway on the opposite end from the Relic Fragment.
Relic 16.png
TeleportPlayer -175579 131585 -1892 Found most of the way up the large structure behind The Red Mother, on the opposite side from her. Only accessible by climbing.
Relic 07.png
TeleportPlayer -172249 131585 -14063 Sitting under a tall archway directly behind The Red Mother.
Relic 08.png
TeleportPlayer -145464 145513 -3608 Found on a flat area about halfway up the southwest corner of the Citadel of the Triumvirate.
Relic 09.png
TeleportPlayer -125451 148658 -8031 Found on the top of a pillar at The Aviary right at the entrance to the bat demon's arena. Only accessible by climbing.
Relic 10.png
TeleportPlayer -140469 156277 -14195 Found in the underground chambers below the Citadel of the Triumvirate in the southeast corner of the room guarded by the Giant Snake legendary boss.
Relic 11.png
TeleportPlayer -155701 165821 -14120 Found at the base of the wall directly behind the Green Dragon.
Relic 12.png
TeleportPlayer -180633 168171 -8488 Found inside the circular barrier around the base of the large structure. One must climb up the wall and drop down inside the southern half.
Relic 13.png
TeleportPlayer -113553 171473 -7942 Lying out in the open, half buried in the sand.
Relic 17.png
TeleportPlayer -143373 179429 -9103 Hidden underneath a rock which must be destroyed first for it to be revealed.
Relic 14.png
TeleportPlayer -97105 182014 -5594 Found between two towers and the City walls. Climbing the walls to circle around the towers is the easiest path.