Rhino Head Soup

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Rhino Head Soup
Rhino Head Soup
Soup from a great beast's head
Type Consumable
Grade High
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 50
Hunger sated 100
Thirst quenched 25
Health regen 100
Expiration 1 hour
Weight 0.10
Effects +3 Encumbrance
ID 18246

Specialist Cooking V
Specialist Cooking V
Level 0 Cost 0
Icon cook stove 2.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon exotic meat stew.png Hearty Stew
Chunks of succulent meat floating in a stew
Crafted at Stove
Icon demon blood-sausage.png Demon Blood-Sausage
Links of blackened meat
Crafted at Stove
Icon rhino head soup.png Rhino Head Soup
Soup from a great beast's head
Crafted at Stove
Icon lasting meal.png Lasting Feast
A heavy and fatty meal
Crafted at Stove
Icon spiced slivers.png Spiced Slivers
Zesty meat wrapped in crocodile skin
Crafted at Stove

Description[edit | edit source]

There is a very specialized school of divination magic that suggests the future can be divined in a broiled rhinoceros head. There are also hunters who swear the powder of a rhino horn will imbue a man with virility. The veracity of these claims is highly suspect. What is known is that a soup, boiled from the head of a rhino, will imbue the eater with greater power to carry a heavy load.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Consuming Rhino Head Soup will grant the player +3 Encumbrance, or an additional 21 points of max carry weight.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon head rhino black.png Black Rhino Head
1 Icon raw tough meat.png Exotic Flesh
1 Icon soup.png Soup
1 Icon rhino head soup.png Rhino Head Soup 5 s 90