Sanctuary Ruins

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Sanctuary Ruins
Biome Highlands
Coordinates 40,28
Type Ruins
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Mini T Map Icon ruins.png

The Sanctuary Ruins are located on Telith's Island, on the southeastern edge of the Exiled Lands.

Discovering the Sanctuary Ruins rewards a Journey Step:Discover what haunts the Sanctuary Ruins

Description[edit | edit source]

In the north, men speak of ghosts in quiet whispers. Perhaps because they are surrounded by them – the armor-clad undead of the Silent Legion, the flickering Wights that haunt the mounds of the dead or the other, more regular ghosts that you have seen all across the Exiled Lands.The latter are more like memories than ghosts, spectral messages embedded in the universe for thousands of years. Apparently one of these ghosts haunts the Sanctuary Ruins – and has information about the Kinscourge. For those who are willing to listen.
~ Taken from the Journey Step Discover what haunts the Sanctuary Ruins

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