Scawled Note

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Text[edit | edit source]

I am beaten. Left to rot among the ruins of the past. There are others here. Slaves, bandits and cannibals. Exiles from lands I've never heard of.
Some of them try to scrape a life from the wasteland, scrabbling in the rocks and sand for their own place. I cannot go on. The life that I left behind haunts me.
The sun over the glittering spires of Belverus is forever denied me. The smell of my daughter's hair.
I will pass the ghost fence and this cursed land will finally end me.
To whoever reds this note, I leave the last of my water and this message.
Stranger you have my pity. You do not know how cursed you truly are.

Location[edit | edit source]

Beggining area near Waterskin