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Levels: Maps, Scripts
Author: SixxGunz,
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This is a simple app which will connect to a Conan Exiles database. i.e. your game.db file.
This is a tool which will connect to your ConanSandboxServer.exe directory and call steamcmd for installing updates.
This is a Dockerfile allowing you to run the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server inside of a Docker container, through Wine.[1]


For database maintenance scripts and other referencing tools.
Comes with ability to run executables in between each restart, can connect to Discord, Twitch and Rcon. 6 different restart times can be set up. Automating your server was never this easy.
autoit-v3-setup.exe - AutoITScript: AutoIT 3
For ability to compile or edit the above auto restarter utility. Otherwise notepad++ to edit the config to set up.
Hands down by far the best Database Editor for sqlite.


Main article: Guide#Servers

An extensive list of thrall IDs.