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Shrine of Mitra

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Shrine of Mitra
Shrine of Mitra
A holy shrine dedicated to the worship of Mitra
Type BuildingItem
Building Health 30000
Container Size 15
Weight 25.00
ID 80971
Acolyte of Mitra
Acolyte of Mitra
Level 1 Cost 50
Icon t1 altar of mitra.png Shrine of Mitra
A holy shrine dedicated to the worship of Mitra
Hand crafted
Icon mitra ankh staff.png Mitraen Ankh
An Ankh used in the ritual purification of the dead
Crafted at Shrine of Mitra
Icon ambrosia.png Ambrosia
A dish purported to be blessed by the gods
Crafted at Shrine of Mitra
Icon acolyte of mitra.png Offering to Mitra
A spiritual residue left on religious altars
Crafted at Shrine of Mitra

Description[edit | edit source]

Considered a good god, Mitra is worshipped throughout the Hyborian kings, replacing the worship of Bori from which those primitive tribes took their name.

Mitra's symbol is that of the phoenix, but when he is depicted it is in the form of a well built, bearded man. He abhors the bloody rituals of other religions and prefers for his followers to perform dignified, purification rituals.

Mitra's priests preach a monotheistic doctrine and as such their followers tend to persecute the members of other nearby religions. Due to this tendency, Chapels to Mitra cannot be built within a very long range of shrines to other gods.

(Upgrades to Sanctuary of Mitra)

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time
(in seconds)
360 Icon stone-1.png Stone
160 Icon wood-1.png Wood
20 Icon ingredient rope.png Twine
1 Icon t1 altar of mitra.png Shrine of Mitra 10.0 224

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Shrine of Mitra requires up to:

Media[edit | edit source]

MitraShrine Highlands downscaled.jpg

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