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Midnight Alchemist

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| requires1name = Firebowl Cauldron
| teaches1 = icon_potion_of_midnight.png
| teaches1desc = '''[[Potion of Midnight]]'''<br>A potion that allows communication with Jhebbal Sag<br>Crafted at [[FirebowlAlchemist's CauldronBench]]
| teaches2 = icon_yellow_lotus_potion_variant_1.png
| teaches2desc = '''[[Potion of Bestial Memory]]'''<br>A potion that resets attribute points<br>Crafted at [[FirebowlAlchemist's CauldronBench]]
| teaches3 = icon_yellow_lotus_potion_variant_2.png
| teaches3desc = '''[[Potion of Natural Learning]]'''<br>A potion that resets feat points<br>Crafted at [[FirebowlAlchemist's CauldronBench]]

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