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Possible Changes to structure[edit source]

It might make more sense for us to put all of the attributes here, rather than having a category and having to change them, if Funcom decides to change the names of the attributes again. Right now, a user trying to find the attributes will have trouble unless they know the old names of them. I suggest formatting this page as headers, redirecting the existing attributes pages to their specific header here, and getting rid of the Attributes category. Anyone else have any input on this? SpeedHighway (talk) 20:40, 23 February 2017 (UTC)

Seems a good plan and it's been over a year since it was proposed. I have flagged the category for deletion, along with the pages on the old stats. Stormknightuk (talk) 10:22, 3 May 2018 (UTC)

Update 36[edit source]

  • Survival now gives a reduction of 1.2% per stat point to number of ticks from negative effects (bleeding, poison, cripple, sunder). Survival also affects debuffs from Heated Argument and Coldsnap and Frigid Bite.
  • Agility now grants 4 points of armor per stat point instead of 2. Also – the first perk from Agility grants more stamina reduction for sprinting than before.
  • Accuracy 40 perk has been reworked. It no longer grants a modifier to a weapons armor penetration. Instead, it grants a flat +30% armor penetration to attacks, greatly increasing it’s power.

(direct link). TheLOLxd2 talk 10:41, 10 August 2019 (UTC)