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Stygia more than anything else resembles hellenistic Egypt ,with a darkskinned people with egyptaic names and culture ruled by a white-skinned elite with often non-egyptic names. This resemblance probably includes the political religion of state. In ptolemaic Egypt this was the cult of Serapis, a blending together of Hades and Osiris. "Stygia" and river Styx belong to greek Hades. The elite stem from a mysterious continent in the eastern ocean; perhaps Mu, mentioned in the Kull stories. Before the muvian conquest Stygia was ruled by the elder race, The serpent men. The multi-ethnical commoners of Stygia may be the scions of the human slaves of the serpent men. Perhaps the exchange of a non-human masterrace for an inhuman one was nothing for them to be happy about but the conquerors slyly understood to play on this and turn it to their own advantage, Hence the cult of state of Stygia, worshipping "Set, The old serpent" The elite may worship "The great dark nameless one" from the Kull stories.Stygia is the seat of the ancient world-wide alliance of dark mages and priests of darkness called "The black ring". One known member is the priestmage Thoth-Amon. Theocratic Stygia is ruled by King Ctesphon.The daughter- kingdoms of Stygia, like Kutchemes and Acheron, were obviously priest-monarchies ruled by priest-kings who did perform human sacrifices with their own hands and who could be forceful empire-builders as well as mighty necromancers. We must probably take Thoth-Amon on his words and draw the full consequenses of these when he says, in The phoenix on the sword, that it is the king who casts down and elevates priests and mages at his own pleasure in Stygia. In this, the only REH-story were he appears, Thoth-Amon does not at all seem very impressive. Rather the contrary! There he regaines his stolen ring in a way that seemingly can only be explained through the power of Ctesphon. In "The scarlet citadel" it is revealed that Thoth-Amons co-conspirator Rinaldo had dealings with Tsotha-lantli, seemingly an agent of Stygia - and Ctesphon! Perhaps the muvian priest-king wears a black ring on his finger as a token of his position as vicar and regent on earth of The great dark nameless one.¨¨¨¨
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