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i'm gonna put my notes in here, start area pavilion named npcs - the watcher below, dagon cultist feat - lemurian axe first undersea temple(from jump-off point, proceeding clockwise) named npc - the captain below, dagon cultists feats - lemurian sword, lemurian shield second undersea temple unnamed creature that is definitely a deep one, drops dagon's scales feat - lemurian trident third undersea temple unnamed creature that is a fishier deep one, drops dagon's scales, harvests dagon's scales, putrid meat, debuffed version of the first deep one, harvested gives scales of dagon, human meat, hide, putrid meat, drops loot like a black hand feat - dagon's breath fourth undersea temple another deep one variant, harvests dagon's scales, human meat, putrid meat eight large loot chests that i can see, all contain gold or silver bars or coins fifth undersea temple leeches that spawn out of a giant dead fish another deep one variant sixth undersea temple yet another deep one variant, with daggers, same drops and harvest as the others feat - lemurian aloe extract seventh undersea temple various deep ones prisoners, who seem to be peaceful and will fight the deep ones, named npcs - the ritual keeper cultists of dagon feat - daggers of dagon once dagon is freed there are two portals that open on either side of the chamber. i took the left which led me to the base of the sentinels. dralokyn (talk) 09:06, 9 May 2019 (UTC)