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Bat Demon
Bat Demon
HP 750
Armor 59
KB Defense 50
Base XP 5760
Temperament Aggressive
Location The Unnamed City (location)
Drops Bat Demon Head, Bat Skin, Brimstone, Demon Blood, Feral Flesh
Patch added 1.0

Usage[edit source]

{{Creature infobox
| name        = 
| id          = 
| image       = 
| hp          = 
| armor       = 
| kbdefense   = 
| basexp      = 
| crgroup     = 
| temperament = 
| biomes      = 
| location    = 
| drops       = 
| patchadded  = 

Parameters[edit source]

Name of the Creature. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
enter the creature's id from the admin panel.
Image of the Creature. Format: xxxxx.png or xxxxx.jpg Auto sizes to 150px in width.
Numerical (integer) value of the creature's health.
Numerical (integer) value of the creature's armor.
Numerical (integer) value representing the creature's resistance to knockbacks.
Numerical (integer) value of experience point earned for killing.
Page reference to the creature group. Choose between:
Beast - Any natural creatures that has territorial instincts.
Boss - Unique tougher creatures within the game (not legendary creatures)
Demon - Any creature that can be harvested for Demon Blood.
Humanoid - Mostly non human creature with human-like behavior.
Legendary Creature - Only used for creatures that can be harvested for Skeleton Key.
Predator - Any natural creatures that attacks others for food.
Prey - Any natural creatures that don't put up a fight (e.g. baby creatures).
Undead - Any undead creatures (has crossover with Demon)
Behavior toward the Character or other NPCs. Options are:
Aggressive - Will attack on sight
Neutral - Will not attack unless itself or others of it's kind are attacked or threatened.
Passive - Will not attack at all and will try to flee instead.
Links to Biomes where the creature is found.
Links to Locations where the creature is found.
Page links to resources - On death provides or can be harvested.
The game update that added the creature to the game. Starts from game launch (does not include pre-launch early access history).

Notes[edit source]

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