The Chosen of Asura

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The Chosen of Asura is a Tier 4 NPC 'group' of the Exiles faction.

Chosen of Asura[edit | edit source]

The Chosen of Asura
Awarded once per month to a shining beacon of the Conan Exiles Community!
~ Funcom Forums[1]

This title and its benefits get awarded once per month to a community member who goes above and beyond to not only help the developers with input, feedback and reports
but who is also a respectful, positive and helpful source to their fellow Conan Exiles players.

Special recognition is given by:

  • Forum Title "Chosen of Asura" and an icon addition to their avatar.
  • Free Lifetime Conan Exiles DLCs. (all current and future ones)
  • Rare, named, ingame NPC with Anagram of chosen player name.

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of NPCs and which user they were created for.

The Chosen of Asura
Name / Console ID User Profession Faction Race Gender Awarded Announcement
Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen
ID: Exile_Alchemist_4_Hyborian
Multigun T4 Alchemist Exiles Hyborian Male December 17, 2018.[2] This player has not only been an immense help with testing and reporting issues and feedback.
We also spotted them on reddit and steam, trying to help other players and pointing them into the direction of information and answers.
They seem to be always respectful and positive even during heated and passionate discussions.
Lethdol Twox, Speaker of Asura
ID: Exile_Priest_4_Hyrkanian
TheLOLxd2 T4 Mitra Priest Exiles Hyrkanian Male February 28, 2019.[3] This player has not only been an immense help with testing and reporting issues and feedback.
They also dedicate a lot of their time to maintain the Conan Exiles Wiki and the Conan Exiles Fan Discord.
Making sure there is an additional space for the community to gather, hang out and discuss everything Conan Exiles.
They seem to be one of those community members who work in the background,
not competing for attention or spotlight and jump in whenever necessary to gather and share knowledge with others.

References[edit | edit source]