The Outcast

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The Outcast
The Outcast
Temperament Passive
Location(s) The Outcast Camp
Religion Ymir

Description[edit | edit source]

The Outcast is one of the Religion Trainers in Conan Exiles for Ymir.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Outcast can be found at the following locations:

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Outcast says a number of strange things to the player. One line seems to be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's poem, Nemesis.

I have seen the hoar-frost glittering in the sun.
I have heard the wind whispering across the everlasting snows.
But with my mind's eye... I have seen the dark universe yawning.
I have seen the black planets that roll without meaning or purpose or name.

~ The Outcast
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