The Shattered Stairs

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The Shattered Stairs
The Shattered Stairs.jpg
Biome Volcano
Coordinates -56,-235
Type Ruins
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Faction Votaries of Skelos
Mini T Map Icon ruins.png

The Shattered Stairs is a location in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Shattered Stairs is an old stairway running down. The player need to jump over a lava flow to get to the bottom. A loot chest is located at the bottom.
From a gap in the railing near the loot chest, the player is able to jump down onto solid ground that leads to The Well of Skelos without any further jumping.
Unfortunately due to the gap, this route may not be used to extract thralls out of the volcano as the player must climb to get back up.

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