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The Surge is a gameplay mechanic.

Description[edit | edit source]

After a storm has passed, a mighty surge of power erupts from the Tower of Siptah. The tower lights up and a massive portal opens above it. Vicious tentacles emerge from the ominous portal, sowing terror in the hearts of all who are near.

Surges are the only source of thralls on the Isle of Siptah and you will need to defeat them in combat and break their will on the wheel of pain before they can serve as your fighters or crafters. There may be a way for you to use the dark power of the portal to your own advantage. Explore and master the secrets of the island and you will be able to take control of the surges and use them for your own benefit.

In you hunt for thralls and hunger to control the magical surges you must remember to protect yourself against other players, especially on PvP servers. Or perhaps you prefer to let others do the work for you, and instead attack ferociously after a rival clan has successfully controlled a surge and try to steal the thralls from under their noses?

Your choices will determine who will gain dominance over the Isle of Siptah. Who will have thralls to craft the most powerful recipes and who can call the most powerful warrior thralls to aid them in combat.

As you fight your way through the vaults, the storm and through the surges, one thing is for certain – Conan Exiles is more brutal than ever before!

~ Blog[1]

Wild Surge[edit | edit source]

Wild Surges are only on the Isle of Siptah and appear at random locations from a fixed set. Portals open periodically until the server setting maximum is reached.

When entering the area, one can see the portal above and Tier I (plentiful) through Tier III (rare) will fall to the ground, available to be killed or knocked unconscious. Once three sets of thralls have been disposed of, the portal closes and another one opens at a different location if the maximum number of wild surges has been reached (server setting).

The sets are comprised of 1, then 2, then 5 thralls unless they are Darfari, which fall in twos, each for a total of 6 thralls. The falls are immediate; once each fall is killed or knocked unconscious, the next fall occurs.

This is the primary source of thralls while leveling to the point that you are ready for a Leyshrine Surge. It can also be a source of loot that cannot be obtained without running dungeons.

Wild Surge Locations[edit | edit source]


The location of each Wild Surge is randomly chosen from the set depicted in the map below. The CrossedSwords.jpg crossed swords indicate every potential Wild Surge spawnpoint. When hearing three loud booms, a portal has opened and the location can be seen on the map as the first marker shown on the right. Also shown on the right is the marker for the 5 Leyshrines. Portals can open during a storm, but will never be inside the storm.

Some locations are dangerous and when the first fall happens, the thrall may run off and attempt to kill a nearby boss. Caution is advised.


Leyshrine Surges[edit | edit source]

List of Surges[edit | edit source]

  • Focus Altar of The North
  • Focus Altar of The North-East
  • Focus Altar of The East
  • Focus Altar of The West
  • Focus Altar of The South
  • Focus Altar of The Center

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