The Unnamed City (location)

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The Unnamed City
Biomes Unnamed City Scene.jpg
Biome The Unnamed City
Coordinates -140,128
Type Capital
Map Icon T Map Icon capital unnamed city.png
Mini T Map Icon capital unnamed city.png

Description[edit | edit source]

The Unnamed City is an unrelenting location forgotten and left to the sands. This land was once the capital city of the Giant-kings, but has been devastated by the Sandstorm. It is home to the treacherous Bat Demons, Dragons, and Skeleton warriors. Travelers be warned, there is a plague that rots the heart of the city that will give corruption.

Boss Map[edit | edit source]

Map Unnamed City Boss locations.png

Undead/Demons[edit | edit source]

1. Guardian of the Flame (Skeleton 1H-Sword)
2. The Commander (Skeleton 2H-Sword)
3. The Watcher (Skeleton 2H-Hammer)
4. Winged Death (Bat Demon)
5. The Gravewalker (Giant Wight)
6. The Red Mother (Dragon)
7. The Brute (Skeletal Serpentman)

These bosses have a guaranteed drop of Icon shard of knowledge.png Fragment of Power and a Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png Legendary Weapon Repair Kit or Icon repair kit armor legendary.png Legendary Armor Patch Kit

Loot by Boss

Dragon/Snake[edit | edit source]

8. Green Dragon
9. Giant Snake
10. Red Dragon

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

In addition to the regular bosses, eight different Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers minibosses can be found and killed to acquire a Icon human heart.png Heart of a Hero and sometimes an additional Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png Legendary Weapon Repair Kit or Legendary Armor Repair Kit.

They can be found at the following locations:

  • TeleportPlayer -114858, 118122, -8609 Map Grid: E6
  • TeleportPlayer -168230, 139165, -10620 Map Grid: D6
  • TeleportPlayer -147412, 148354, -7119 Map Grid: D5
  • TeleportPlayer -136633, 104886, -8995 Map Grid: D6
  • TeleportPlayer -119365, 167098, -8422 Map Grid: D5
Name / Console ID Race Gender Hitpoints
Brandt of Zingara
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss8
Zingaran Female 1120
Enia the Searcher
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss2
Stygian Female 1120
Hat'She the Mad
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss6
Stygian Female 1120
Moras of the Sands
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss5
Stygian Male 1120
Ness of Shem
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss4
Shemite Female 1120
Obsun of Hyrkania
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss3
Hyrkanian Male 1120
Samar the Blade
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss1
unknown Male 1120
Seeker Ophelia
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss7
unknown Male 1120

Notes[edit | edit source]

You may turn-in a Icon shard of knowledge.png Fragment of Power at the Library of Esoteric Artifacts in the Archives for a random recipe schematic.

Additional Fragments of Power can be found as Relic Fragments, small chests hidden around the City.

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