The Well of Skelos

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The Well of Skelos
Biome Volcano
Coordinates -29,-250
Type Dungeon
Map Icon T Map dungeonIcon.png
Faction Votaries of Skelos
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Description[edit | edit source]

The Well of Skelos is a large, volcanic dungeon. It is the ancient, crumbling ruins of a Serpentman city buried deep within the Volcano, containing several different Thralls, the Volcanic Forge, Serpentmen, the Serpentman Sorcerer, and Obsidian Gear recipes. Human NPCs in the Volcano are neutral and will not attack unless provoked. Serpentmen and Serpentmen Brutes are hostile.

The most direct route to reach the Well of Skelos is via a path reached through the The High Way entrance to the volcano. This path is narrow, with lava on both sides, making it difficult for thralls to navigate it safely.

The Well of Skelos is composed of two parts: the structure housing the well, and the well itself. The Serpentine Recipes are located on the top floor of the structure. The well proper can be accessed by jumping into the starry field found inside the center of the structure, which will transport the player to a new dungeon. Inside this dungeon are the forge, the final boss, and the Obsidian Gear recipes.

The forge is located at the center of the pit, near the entrance, with orange energy tendrils pulsing around it. Serpentmen guard the forge and will become hostile when the player gets close. Human NPCs nearby will also become hostile if the player fights the serpentmen.

The final boss, The Degenerate, is located along the path to the left of the forge, down and around the edge of the pit, in a purple gem adorned building. There are several branching dead ends and a few mild platforming sections (jumping over lava) along this path, as well as many enemies.

Serpent-Man Recipes[edit | edit source]

Climbing point to collect Serpentman Recipes

Serpent-Man Weapons are learned from a stele on the top floor of the structure housing the well. To get to this location, the player should proceed to the third floor by taking the internal stairs then the external stairs. At the third floor, there are two inward-facing arches lit by flaming sconces. Start by climbing the arch and stand next to the flaming sconce, then climb up the pillar to the upper floor.

This is a long climb. In addition to high heat-tolerance to avoid taking damage (which causes the player to fall), the player will need high stamina to avoid becoming exhausted. Climbing Boots and Climbing Gloves will also be useful. The top floors are typically populated by 4 - 5 Serpentman Brutes.

Obsidian Recipes[edit | edit source]

Obsidian Weapons and Obsidian Tools are learned from a stele behind the throne of The Degenerate.

Obsidian Weapons and Obsidian Tools are learned from a stele behind the throne of The Degenerate.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Notable creatures:

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