Thugra's Stand

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Thugra's Stand
Thugra's Stand 2.jpg
Biome Desert
Coordinates 17,122
Type Camp
Map Icon T Map Icon camp darfari.png
Faction Darfari Cannibals
Mini T Map Icon camp darfari.png


Thugra's stand is a camp of the Darfari Cannibals, located north of The Summoning Place and east of The Hand of the Maker.

It contains primarily Fighters and Archers, although there is also always one crafter thrall. While this is most commonly a Cook I, it can also spawn, among other things, the T4 Armorer B'naru Heavyhands.

A tier 4 Fighter named Thugra always spawns at this location.


  • A Loot Chest can be found at this location.
  • A few Iron and Coal Nodes can be mined around the camp.