Time of the Scaled Lizard

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Time of the Scaled Lizard
Time of the Scaled Lizard
A manuscript written by the Archivist himself
Type Consumable
Bonus +4 Encumbrance
Grade High
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 100
Thirst quenched 1
Weight 0.13
ID 18039

Description[edit | edit source]

This manuscript details the story of a barbarian that gets bitten by a large, scaled lizard and slowly succumbs to its venom. Most of the book is a draw-out study in agony and pain. The story feels? wrong. But it is strangely inspiring when read. If written by another author, it could have been a very good read.

Drop information[edit | edit source]

Drops from The Archivist's Assistant in Warmaker's Sanctuary.

Usage information[edit | edit source]

Gives a +4 Encumbrance buff