Una the Venerated

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Una the Venerated
Una the Venerated Una the Venerated converted
ID: Darfari_Cannibals_Priest_4_Darfari_JhebbalSag
Type Priest
Use at Bower of JhebbalSag
Retreat of JhebbalSag
Grove of JhebbalSag
Modifiers by tier
Increased crafting speed 2.0
Decreased material consumption 0.5
Bonus Recipes True Name of Jhebbal Sag
Hit Points 265
Factions Darfari Cannibals
Location The Purge

Description[edit | edit source]

Una the Venerated is a named T4 Purge Priest of the Darfari Cannibals Faction.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Una the Venerated can spawn in The Purge in the Darfari Cannibals territory, mostly the desert.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Enables True Name of Jhebbal Sag.

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