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Disambig.png This article is about upcoming Conan Exiles updates and features. For Funcom releases and ports, see Funcom#In the pipeline.
See also: Version history, TestLive, High Priority Community Issue Overview.

Upcoming features for Conan Exiles.

Focus development areas[edit | edit source]

It is fantastic to see how much you, as a community, care and we want to make sure that you know we are here for you. Your feedback and discussions help us understand your concerns and our improvement potential. It is also a direct inspiration for the focus they are planning to have for Conan Exiles, within the next two months.
~ Tascha[1]

Besides fixing general bugs, the following core aspects have been defined, which Funcom partially worked on in the past, as detailed focus categories for the next few patches. They are dedicated to building a strong foundation for Conan Exiles for the next year, improving and expanding on the existing core mechanics before they divide our focus back to fixing AND adding new content. So, do not panic, they are aware that new content is also needed.

These are the things that they are dedicating our full attention to for the next two month (including December) and you should see these being patched out to TestLive in quick succession. They do of course also have new exciting things for you in store but for now the focus is on improving the core aspects of Conan Exiles to build a strong foundation for future additions.

General information comes from earlier threads than below subsections. The team is currently focusing on bug-fixing, free updates, and future DLC production.[citation needed]

DLCs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Downloadable Content

  • Each of these will be a paid cosmetic DLC with a specific theme.

Free updates[edit | edit source]

  • Focus on either retention or acquisition of new (or inactive) players.
  • Will continue to be rolled out in the coming months.
  • Examples of free updates are eg. new dungeons.
  • 1 patch every 4-6 weeks
  • 1 possible hotfix within that 4-6 week period if needed.
  • Patching all platforms as close together as possible, hopefully the same day.
  • More frequent TestLive updates
    • Incorporate ongoing bug fixes and testing as needed.

Provides time for

  • Extensive bug fixing, tweaking and testing
    • Making sure that a patch is as ready and as stable as it can be.
  • Taking feedback into consideration.

Part of the developers focus is to refine core mechanics, make exploration more exciting and improve experience as well as the leveling curve. They already have Purge improvement/fixes on TestLive. January and February will see updates where they will gradually deploy more patches to our Test Servers which deal with the following issues, additions and improvements:

  • More updates for The Purge (section).
  • More performance updates.
  • Improvements to AI behavior and controls (section).
  • Progression balancing from starting experience to end game.Mostly on Live already.
  • Improvements and additions to make exploration both more dangerous but also more rewarding (more on this soon!).
  • Fixes to UI and Admin Panel.No details available right now.
  • Avatar, Siege and Raiding balancing and improvements.
  • More Exploit fixes (section)
  • Building Quality of Life Improvements (section)
  • More details and info for each of these areas will be revealed as this progresses, including VoIP (section)

There are going to be some changes to the newsletters next year. The community newsletters came about as a way for us to improve communication with our players during Early Access. We wanted to give you a glimpse into the development process and summarize the current state of Conan Exiles and its development. It would allow us to share upcoming content and discuss some of the things the dev team had been working on.

How we communicate with the community, and the size of the community team, has evolved and grown since the inception of the community newsletters. We feel like the newsletters have served their purpose well, but we have also started using other ways of providing the community with the same information: The Trello Board provides more transparency and insight. We have been working on increasing the number of news updates that go out on the forums and on Steam. We have also been working on being more active on social media to respond to player feedback and issues. As such, We are going to end the newsletters in their current form.

Not to worry though! Even though the newsletters are going away that does not mean we will not stop communicating with you. We will keep you updated about the work We are putting into Conan Exiles. News updates will be posted on the forums, on Steam, Reddit, and social media, when available, so keep your eyes posted to our official channels come 2019. We may also start doing monthly recaps, in case there's been a lot going on.

~ Jens Erik Vaaler[2]

Main article: The Purge

The Purge is a very important PvE aspect of the game and while it has worked on a technical level, it never really did hit the mark and confused a lot of players. The developers have seen your passion for this mechanic and your critique and reports. They are currently working on several significant improvements coding and design wise.

  • A number of data-fixes has hit TestLive recently - but there are also code-fixes that will come that will make the purge more stable, coherent and with these fixes we will also introduce a new set of purge admin commands to allow for better control over the purge.

See also: Useful links.
In the past, exploits fixes were made as fast as possible. However in-between additional bug fixes and improvements they could not focus as much as they wanted on this area. They are now setting aside a dedicated period to go over all the remaining reports they could not focus on previously and will address as many as they can. Some fixes for undermeshing have already gone to TestLive on December 10 (and Live[citation needed]).

The developers have been working on faster loading times and general optimizations for buildings. Conan Exiles has hardly any limits in place for how big you can build, and they are especially excited to have you test these improvements.

AI and thrall improvements are one additional, very important aspect. The developers want pets and thralls to feel rewarding. This part will include improvements regarding thrall attack patterns, swimming/moving with thralls, giving you more info what is happening or happened with your thrall/pets and further fixes to thralls falling through floors, to only name a few examples. More importantly they will be working directly with your feedback on additional settings and mechanics for your pets and thralls in the form of defensive and aggressive stances as well as other suggestion they collected from the forums.

See the News and announcements tab for up-to-date TestLive patch ETA The developers saw your many votes on the Trello board and are actively looking into options of how to improve the issues they have seen reported. This needs some testing and decisions going forward for the different platforms.

More reliable and better quality VOIP[edit | edit source]

The biggest difference for players will be increased stability, improved audio quality (nothing can be done about the microphone though), and stereo sound.

The current version of in-game voice chat is peer-to-peer. When you use the in-game voice chat to talk to another person the game client will send the sound of your voice to everyone around your character.

The new VOIP implementation uses a third party service called Vivox. Here is how it works: When using the new in-game voice chat, the sound of your voice is broadcast to a server at Vivox, where it is mixed to the correct audio track and sent to the game clients.

Vivox' server places the audio on a correct track in relation to your character in the game. If the speaker is far away their voice will sound distant. If they're standing to your right, the sound of their voice will mainly come from the right audio channel.

List of upcoming features[edit | edit source]

Note, official ETA may change due to unforeseen circumstances. If there is no official ETA, an estimate is given.
Hotfixes may not immediately be patched to consoles, as Funcom has to pay a fee for every console update.

A Year 3 DLC Bundle is currently not planned.[3]
DLCs planned for this year are Architects of Argos and a map expansion DLC (see below).

  • Update 42 or higher (ETA: H1 2020[4])
    • Thrall Limiter on Official Servers.
      Exact numbers are still being evaluated, but you can expect an in-depth explanation of exactly how the Limiter will work before it is released. In addition, you will receive at least 2 weeks notice so you can prepare properly.[5]
    • Additional measures against undermeshing and other exploits that allow players to build outside the intended area.[5]
    • Includes the addition of Turkish localization by Vardiya.[6][7][8]
    • Possibly includes a continuation of the story, as was previously mentioned to come in 2020.[9]
    • Possibly includes new UI/UX (designs).[10]
      • Changes to mod loading.[11]

The map expansion DLC was originally teased during the Q3 2019 financial stream. It was confirmed in a public investor release on January 22, 2020[12][13] and a release ETA of H2 2020 was later revealed in the Q4 2019 Financial Report on February 28, 2020.
Locations were teased; "Isle of Siptah" (reference to The Gem in the Tower) was teased on a Facebook ad, first seen on April 9, 2020[14][15], but was only picked up May 3, 2020 after "The Shattered Shore" was teased on an Instagram ad, first seen on April 10, 2020.[16][17] There may be other names, but these have not been documented yet.[18]
Hidden Achievements (see page) were added to Steam on June 15, 2020 which reveal the following (may include base game content):
Items: Sigil (can be stacked), Eldarium items (can be crafted using Eldarium), Greater Essence (can be obtained).
Locations: Vault, Leyshrine (altar), The Maelstrom, Siptah's Tower.
Enemies: Surge (has several tiers, can be summoned).

  • Upcoming Xbox Game Streaming launch (ETA: 2020[19])
    • Project xCloud (Cloud to mobile device, no Xbox One required)
    • Xbox Console Streaming (Xbox One to mobile device)
Currently available as preview (in select countries).

  • Bugfixes "in a future update" (No ETA, 2020)
    • Fix for thralls occasionally losing health.[20]
    • Fix for Abysmal Remnant falling under the mesh.[21]
    • Fix for warpaint deleting equipment when used in inventory bar.[22]
    • Fix for contextual menu toggle resetting on re-login.[23]
    • Fix for Scorpion War Shield not granting bonus armor.[24]

Other mentions (No ETA, 2020 - H1 2021)
  • Character customization post-character creation.[9]
  • A wearable light source or similar for dark places where you do not have to use a torch.[9]
  • Improving storage (eg. the storage of potions in chests)[9]
  • More endgame gameplay loops.[9]
  • Improvements to PvP.[9]
    • Balance raiding, which includes explosives.[25]
  • Optimizations which should mitigate lag on servers.[26]
  • Additional TestLive time and patches before each update.
  • Console improvements.
    • Reducing the gap in patching different platforms to avoid past situations in which consoles would receive a patch days or weeks after PC was patched.[27]
    • Changes to the file system to prevent big file sizes, mainly for consoles.[28]
  • (A proper guide on how to use Automatic Downloading of Mods and the Event Log.[29]). Improved admin documentation.[30]
  • Communicating changes in advance.[31]
  • Internal discussion of options such as "Official servers that wipe every 30 days with higher rates"[32]

Patches will go live on consoles a few days later usually, as it goes through certification at Sony (PS4) and Microsoft (Xbox) respectively.
Bugs that crash servers have a higher priority than exploits. Official server wipes are not planned.

  • The developers are brainstorming and planning events for all servers.
    • If you have any suggestions or ideas for events, feel free to share them with us in the suggestion forums.
  • In theSHED's Powerhour interview, Jens Erik Vaaler mentioned they may be doing “halloween and christmas events” and events alike (read "halloween" - 2018: Night of Lost Souls) are able to be themed around Conan, for example "feast of the dead".[34]
  • They are also talking about doing some competitions outside of the game.[35] (2018: Pumpkin Carving Contest)
  • If you do not wish to participate in an ingame event, there may be a TestLive build available without the event content, but otherwise identical to the current live version. Players and admins should read the TestLive wiki page for important info on how to switch versions.

Planned for the future:

  • more building contests.[36]

Stream summaries contain information which may need adding to this page. Please contribute it to the page if you are willing to and have time.

2018[edit | edit source]

Older streams.

Cancelled features[edit | edit source]

If any of the below features will still be implemented, the developers will officially announce it with a dedicated thread. Speculation may be misleading. Cancelled features are mentioned features which did not make it into the full game.

Sorcery was originally supposed to be available in one of the first patches after Early Access of Conan Exiles. This info since has changed, as technical difficulties have arisen.[37] Sorcery is only partially implemented. The only features currently available are

The developers can not say anything about sorcery at the moment (February 28, 2020).[38]

Description[edit | edit source]

Early Access description:

Magic is an important part of Conan's world and so it will be a part of Conan Exiles. You won't get access to fireball and similar types of combat magic, but going from a starving exile to a dark sorcerer will be a path you can take. It will, however, be long and difficult.
~ PR release[39]
Our sorcery system taps into the corruption debuffs that affect your character when they descend into the dark and corrupted places of the Exiled Lands. The more corrupted you are the more powerful your spells can become, but it also comes at a cost. To gain power you are forced to cut into your health and stamina, making your body weaker. The sorcery system will, in turn, give you access to necromancy and summoning rituals, letting you call upon evil, twisted creatures to do your bidding for you.
~ Joel Bylos[citation needed]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcery, as initially pitched, will not make it into the game, but some elements will.[37]
  • The fast travel system is teleportation magic, but it does not require corruption to fuel it.[37]
To put it bluntly: Magic is still up in the air. Right now our current focus is finishing and releasing the three remaining dungeons that were on our roadmap. Sorcery is very, very early and we do not even know what it might look like or if it will be implemented at this point.
~ Jens Erik Vaaler[40]
  • Before the reply by Jens in October (see above), it was mentioned by Joel Bylos in an interview with Firespark that sorcery may be released after the pets update. He hoped for the estimate release to be around the end of 2018. This he said was a very optimistic ETA however.[41][42]

Crossbows were part of Early Access, but did not work as intended with the Combat Revamp, so they removed them.[9]

One of the programmers has tried to create a Linux build for setting up servers. However, there was a problem with the version of Unreal Engine 4 they started on which they never managed to get past.[43]

If you want to set up a dedicated server for Linux, you can use the Dedicated Server Launcher or Wine to do so.

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