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Test[edit | edit source]

A1 B1 C1 D1
A2 B2 C2 - D2
A3 B3 - C3 D3
A4 B4 C4 D4
B5 C5 D5
A6 C6 D6

Default[edit | edit source]

Y A1 B1 C1 D1 - E1
A2 B2 - C2 D2 E2

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Have you ever fired an arrow into the air and realized it never came down? You'd be surprised to learn that it does come down. it just takes a long time. But how far does it actually travel? This is important, because you need to know if your bases have been the range of a Raider as you'll see shortly sad news is your base will always be in range for the following calculations I had to make some assumptions my character is probably between five to six feet tall but I'm going to assume the arrow is fired from an initial height of zero this is justified because the starting height becomes negligible when compared to the magnitude of the total flight path since tape measures are not available in the crafting menu I needed a way to measure distance the base unit in the game is the square a ka foundation assuming an average human stride is twenty six point four inches it takes three point two five strides to traverse a square so a single square height is eighty five point eight inches long or two point one eight meters we need to find the velocity of the arrow when fired as a power shot i'll aim up as vertical as possible using my protractor I'm estimating the initial fire angle theta to be eighty nine point nine degrees the shot is fired and we wait for 127 seconds before return to the ground it landed nineteen strides away for five hundred and one point six inches or twelve point seven four meters with these values we can find the velocity range equals velocity squared times the sine of two theta divided by gravity which we assume is nine point eight one meters per second squared if we rearrange those terms and solve for velocity we find that the velocity is one hundred and eighty nine point two two meters per second which is the equivalent of a black powder musket for further comparison traditional recurve and compound bows fire arrows at 69 and 89 meters per second respectively now that we know the velocity we can figure out the max height achieved by the arrow before we do the calculation let's do some experimentation I built a tower to the max achievable height I even got an achievement for doing this so it's definitely worth it the ceiling is that three hundred and twenty seven squares high or 701 meters to give you an idea of how high this actually is if I were to fire a light arrow and have a stick to the ceiling it would take me so long to fly out there that it would despawn before I was the range it takes a long time to freefall from the top fire the arrow straight up and hits the ceiling Wow let's see how high it actually goes according to the formula max height is equal to velocity squared times sine squared of theta divided by 2 times gravity which gives us 1824 point 87 meters more than double the height of the structure knowing the max height is nice but the real question remains how far can we shoot in terms of testing this was pretty insane I started building a straight platform and it quickly got out of hand the formula for this is slightly more complex distance is equal to velocity squared divided by 2 times gravity multiplied by 1 plus the square root of 1 plus 2 times gravity times the initial firing height divided by velocity squared times sine squared of theta finally multiplied sine 2 theta this formula shows that the max distance assuming all level terrain and an initial firing height of 5 feet is at an angle of 45 degrees for 3651 meters or 1675 point for two squares i've done many of these tests but let's do one at a sub 15 degree angle I'm confident as to where the arrow lands soft spring ahead and wait for it [Music] look even if I add a few more degrees to this shot it goes this much further so how far exactly is the max distance to put this into perspective I decided to find a rough estimation for the length of a grid square on the map I use this section of the bridge paste it out for 164 strides or 350 7.41 meters I then overlaid it on top of the grid approximately 3 and 3/4 bridges fit onto a side for a total grid length of 1310 point 5 meters this means that you can literally fire an arrow from 2.79 grids away you could literally be like a German howitzer during World War 1 ranked on death and destruction from so far away the enemy can't even see the trail of your arrow

Archive:Nudity[edit | edit source]

PCGamer - August 7, 2019

Joel Bylos, creative director for Conan Exiles, explained to me by email how his game's disco sticks came to be. "I was more interested in nudity for the adherence to the setting," he says. "The Conan stories feature plenty of it and nobody in the stories bats an eyelid at it. I wanted to try and normalize it in the same way in the game, both for men and women." Bylos also points out the generally mature nature of Conan's universe. Given that the game would feature plenty of violence, it would already fall on the mature end of ratings scales before considering nudity.

This was heartening to hear, as multiple modders expressed frustration that so many games give violence a pass but turn their noses up at nudity. "In Skyrim people get decapitated, burnt to death, electrocuted, bludgeoned to death, torn to pieces by dragons etc.," Ratrace says. "But the sight of a naked body is a no-go."

Bylos says that Funcom's experience with digital dongs was far less hassle than what modders experience. "I don't think the penises caused us too much drama," he says. "If I recall correctly we used the same physics system for simulating cloth that we used for our wedding tackle physics." That too is an imperfect simulation, of course—I've never seen a penis as unanimated as that of Ratrace's Better Males, but I haven't seen one flap like a flag like Conan Exlies' do, either. Even with professionals working on Conan's willies rather than vigilante riggers hacking together body parts in their spare time, not all Wilhelms are well-behaved.

"For a period of time, every todger in the game decided to stretch across the map," Bylos says. "This was due to a cloth physics bug, but it manifested as every character in the game having a wang that stretched from crotch to the far horizon. We had curious developers 'following the stretchy dick road,' in order to figure out where the wayward members had buried themselves. As it turns out, they went to coordinates 0,0,0 and nobody found any treasure at the end of the journey. Shame, really."

After everything I've heard about keeping peckers in line, I ask Bylos if the work of sorting out all the various boner bugs was worth it. "For the amount of work involved, it would have been worth multiple times the amount of time spent on it," he says.

So perhaps we'll see more games following Conan's lead? "Sadly, but understandably no," in Bylos's opinion. "There have been a few (SCUM, for example) but I think that most developers don't want to deal with the uncertainty (whether it involves the process of modeling characters or dealing with ratings)."

Archive:The future of Conan Exiles[edit | edit source]

"The future of Conan Exiles" Joel Bylos, YouTube - March 6, 2017