Violet Curative

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Violet Curative
Violet Curative
A brilliant purple potion that cures everything
Type Consumable
Grade Mid
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 10
Base Weight 1.75
ID 53011
Firebowl Cauldron
Firebowl Cauldron
Level 15 Cost 3
Icon iron pickaxe.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon mixer.png Firebowl Cauldron
A cauldron for mixing concoctions
Hand crafted
Icon crafting alchemy bench t1.png Alchemist's Bench
An alchemist's bench stocked with specialty instruments and reagents employed in the ancient art of potioncraft.
Hand crafted
Icon crafting mouldingtable.png Casting Table
A specialty worktable where an artisan pours heated liquid into a mold carved into a specific shape or form. Once the heated liquid cools, it hardens into the shape of the specific mold.
Hand crafted
Icon water orb.png Water Orb
A glass orb filled with water
Crafted at Alchemist's Bench
Icon round bottomed flask.png Glass Flask
A flask for storing liquids
Crafted at Casting Table
Icon aloe extract.png Aloe Extract
Extract of the aloe plant
Crafted at Alchemist's Bench
Icon violet cureall.png Violet Curative
A brilliant purple potion that cures everything
Crafted at Alchemist's Bench
Icon yellow lotus potion.png Yellow Lotus Potion
A potion that causes hallucinations and visions
Crafted at Alchemist's Bench
Icon ingredient building binding.png Stone Consolidant
A mixture for hardening stone pieces
Crafted at Firebowl Cauldron
Icon ingredient steelfire.png Steelfire
A volatile mix of tar and brimstone
Crafted at Firebowl Cauldron
Icon dragonpowder.png Dragonpowder
A volatile powder created by mashing various alchemical components
Crafted at Firebowl Cauldron
Icon alchemical base.png Alchemical Base
A standard mixture used to enhance and vivify potions
Crafted at Firebowl Cauldron
Icon locust poisen.png Reaper Poison
A poison that can be applied to daggers
Crafted at Alchemist's Bench

Description[edit | edit source]

Extracted from the venom of various poisonous snakes, this violet potion seems to purge the system of all poisons upon use. Commonly used by street performers in Vendhya to shrug off the effects of cobra bites, more fools have died trying to harvest the ingredients for the curative than would have died if the curative did not exist at all. This concoction also has the added benefit - and drawback - of making the user experience an effect not unlike that of drinking alcohol.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Alchemist's Bench, Improved Alchemist's Bench,
Trade Alchemist's Bench, Precision Alchemist's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
10 Icon snake venom gland.png Serpent Venom Gland 1 Icon violet cureall.png Violet Curative 30 s 40