Waterstained Note

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Waterstained Note
Waterstained Note
A waterstained parchment
Type Consumable
Weight 0.01
ID 30024

Description[edit | edit source]

This note has been under the water for a long time and most of the words have been washed away. What is left reads: ...enius plan! If it is buried in... ...st pillar, opposite the riv... ...neath the skull of a mammoth... ...ash it! The only...

Location[edit | edit source]

The Waterstained Note can be found on the isle south of Scavenger's Berth. It is located on the west side of the isle near the shore as a very small paper roll. ( X: 97015 Y: 206040 Z: -20127 )

Media[edit | edit source]

Waterstained Note location