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Can You Survive?

The weather in Conan Exiles is unpredictable at best. Though not to the likes of Conan. In your first few moments of the game you encounter one of the most dangerous forces of nature (Gods aside) the sandstorm. After cutting you down from the cross Conan walks directly into a sandstorm brewing on the horizon.

A dry wind sweeps across the desert, stinging your eyes as you stare off into the distance. Crucified, condemned, and alone, there is nothing left, except to wait for the vultures and death…

Before you succumb to the darkness you see the outline of a tall figure. Conan the Barbarian stands before you. He puts his bulging muscles to the task and frees you from the cross. “So you live again.” Conan says with pity in his voice. He turns and looks out across the Exiled Lands. “You have been given a second chance. Now live, burn with life, love, slay, & survive!” Conan turns and walks into the desert behind you. You see a raging sandstorm building and Conan walks right into it. The serpent bracelet around your arm marks you as condemned and an exile, but Conan has at least given you a chance to survive.

The Exiled Lands and untold hardships lie ahead. [1]

The Deep Desert[edit | edit source]

Initially you are in the deep desert, having been left there crucified on a cross to die. You will not survive long in this environment and must immediately begin making your way towards the more fertile lands where you will find water, and are able to scavenge for food in the underbrush to eat.

Surviving the sandstorm[edit | edit source]

A Rebreather Mask which will allow you to evade the Sandstorm.
A Sandstorm Mask which will allow you to evade the Sandstorm.

"Clothes and weapons will not save you from the powerful sandstorms which plague the Exiled Lands however. When a storm hits you will need to find shelter or inevitably be torn to shreds by the powerful winds." [1]

There are two ways to survive a sandstorm, create a shelter or craft a Sandstorm Mask.

The Cursewall[edit | edit source]

The Cursewall marks the edge of the Exiled Lands. You cannot pass through it and live.

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