White Tiger

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Tiger White
Tiger White
ID: Wildlife_Tiger_White
HP 29760
Armor 78
KB Defense 50
Base XP 99000
Group Legendary Creature
Temperament Aggressive
Biomes Savanna, Jungle
Location Boundary Spillway, The Dryfalls, The Crowngrove, King's Niche, [Map]
Drops Claws, Fangs, Feline Pelt, Feral Flesh, Skeleton Key
Patch added 1.0

Description[edit | edit source]

The White Tiger looks like a standard Tiger but is black and white in color and slightly larger.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are four White Tigers in the world:

  • one at the hillside near Boundary Spillway. Mapgrid H08 TeleportPlayer 25254 53489 -7153
  • one in a small ravine northwest of King's Niche. Mapgrid B10 TeleportPlayer -233314 -63839 9159
  • one in the savanna north of The Crowngrove. Mapgrid B09 TeleportPlayer -244738 -34481 4334
  • one in the small ravine southeast of The Dryfalls. Mapgrid K06 TeleportPlayer 162565 103698 -19041
  • Interactive Map filtered by White Tiger

Combat[edit | edit source]

Formerly one of the easiest Legendary Creatures to kill, it is now quite formidable with one of the largest health pools among them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Legendary Chest for the Tiger near Boundary Spillway: TeleportPlayer 19566 46870 -7918

Gallery[edit | edit source]