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The Yamatai are one of the races in Conan Exiles. It is not a race at character creation and is referred to in the Seekers of the Dawn Pack DLC.

Description[edit | edit source]

Yamato is a divine like city ruled by the Yamatai's and built from a group of disciplined Khitan farmers who studied/trained silently in the night. The nationality branched off of the Khitan's poorer side.

Yamato's society came from the foundational soil of the former believers of the culture (as many followed the farmers when they went public) and went away from the Khitan's core ideals in which they changed to match a more honorable civilization. Therefore, the Yamaitains acknowledge many areas of culture regarding the Khitan, such as similar clothing, armor, structural designs, and language. Yet, the differences are there in everything, whether altered slightly or completely. The building is different, higher grade material than the Khitan, but still compliments the gold that they relish.

Info[edit | edit source]

Yamatai's language is a complex, sophisticated, slang from the lower class of the Khitan which is so precise that every class in Yamato is required to participate in education (for if not you will be insulted by being named a filthy Khitan). Yamato is ruled by the mighty shogun, whose word is law, but can be overruled by his advisors with a majority consensus. Every advisor acts as officer and to disrespect them is to disrespect the Shogun (which should not be a problem as everyone is respected by them). They rule with high integrity, and when their righteous principals are broken the highest punishment is ordered.

The violator of the disciplined life, no matter their bond to society, is given the keystone, then kicked off the enriched mountains and falls from the top which lasts twenty minutes for them to reflect on their mistake in this life, and whether or not they take the keystone and start over or end it all.

Every Yamatai believes solely in Mitra, as it was deemed necessary to change in faith and start anew. They felt as if Set had failed them, and they groveled at Mitra's divine feet for prosperity. Which, they were indeed given. However, some people couldn't change completely, and still indulge in the dark rites. Therefore, they promised Mitra worship of all light entities with him and the banishment of all dark deities in their offering. To this day they lurk in the shadows still secretly performing evil sacrifices.

Everyone in Yamato is a warrior, trained in the art of the sword, yet learn the art of sorcery only to understand it and to counter it. Yamato is very social with all, unlike Khitai who keeps to themselves behind their Great Wall.

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