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Consistency and overall expansion[edit source]

A number of questions I randomly have. You may discuss any of them in a seperate section. TheLOLxd2 (talk) 23:28, 1 December 2018 (UTC)

Description[edit source]

  • Should we keep "in Conan Exiles"?
  • Should creature descriptions include this line directly as they have no ingame description?

Notices[edit source]

  • Should we mark subsections as Stub/outdated or only full pages?
  • When should we remove Not Implemented(has no feat) from a page that does exist ingame?
  • Should we have a DLC-only notice or does the infobox icon suffice?
  • Should eg. Resource File pages have a notice to "do not change the file name", as we use database names directly?

Media[edit source]

  • Are we able to have and expand image licensing (subsection) consistency?
  • Are we able to have and expand page and image category consistency?
  • Should we have a page for Concept art?
    • Are we able/allowed to pull from external sites (using the right licensing)?
  • How should trailers and such on Conan Exiles#Media be disolayed?
    • Video? Link? Clickable images?
    • On a seperate Media subpage?

Navigation[edit source]

Search[edit source]

  • Does the wiki navigate easily?
    • Do the main page icons go in the right directions?
    • Is the main page menu not too big?
    • Do we need all the redirects/more redirects because of capitalization?
    • Do we need all the disambig pages/more disambig pages because of naming?
      • Armor disambigs could possibly be armor set overviews (that you are able to return to from the other pages)

Pages[edit source]

  • Will Building need subpages for detailed information?
  • Modding: 'how to create a mod' could be moved to a seperate guide page or subpage?

Tables[edit source]

Deletion Discussion: Material[edit source]

Material It's the same/similar content in Resource with more descriptions. The game items are of type Ingredient, not sure if a Material type exists -- ok material exists: Bark

what is the difference? why is bark a material and e.g. bone a ingredient? User:Testerle/CargoTests 2 tables: first with Ingredient and second with Material why is branch an Ingredient and bark a Material? Testerle (talk) 12:30, 2 December 2018 (UTC)