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A new feature from Update 27 that use some form of orbs as some sort of grenades. There are 4 types that can be used:

  • Demon-fire Orb : An explosive orb that pretty much functions as a grenade.
  • Grease Orb: An orb that is used to place oil/grease on certain surfaces then ignite it to set everything ablaze which lasts longer. Be careful, because they are extra slippery which is useful to prevent climbers on the walls and trip your enemies.
  • Water Orb: An orb or water that is used to put out fires from a distance. You can even use them to put out enemy torches and campfires so you can sneak through.
  • Gaseous Orb: An orb that contains poisonous gases then use fire to ignite it to cause a big boom.

In order to make them, you need an Alchemist Thrall at a Firebowl Cauldron.

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